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Scoreboard Update (including a complete victory!)

So, our game group played a few games over the last month or so. These included three four-way games of Rogue Trader and a cooperative game of All Things Zombie . (Oddly enough, my one win did not come from the cooperative game.) The Rogue Trader games were 2000-point(!) free-for-alls, played with similar forces each time, and having the same or similar objectives. (Basically, each force trying to commandeer a communications array or missile silo - while simultaneously trying to prevent the enemy from doing the same.) I got my butt handed to me - of course! - in two of the games, being the second player put out of action each time. But I emerged victorious from the third game, despite one of the players fielding over 100 troops (about half of which made a beeline right for the right flank of my rogue trader's crew). It was a hairy situation, one I survived by the skin of my teeth. It tied me up for most of the game, and cost me a squad of imperial guard, a tough robot, and ove
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Scoreboard Update

My fiancee and I played our first game of Warhammer Historical's Legends of the Old West this past weekend. It's a fun game. Essentially, it's the game I set out to write 10 years ago, when my home-brew Necromunda -in-the-old-west rules were still going under the name "A Fistful of Lead." (These rules eventually became my own, non- Necromunda -based game, Tombstones n' Tumbleweeds , aka "TnT") So, to say I was looking forward to playing is probably an understatement. That's not to say that I in any way deluded myself about the game session's inevitable outcome. My fiancee resurrected her family of lawmen, the Sweeneys, from our days of playing TnT. Appropriately, I resurrected my gang of banditos from that era, El Gato Gordo and his band of south-of-the-border ne'er-do-wells. (Now operating as "Los Jalapenos.") These two groups met on many occasions back in the day, and it always ended badly for the banditos. The last game

Blather: Thinking Aloud (Figuratively) about Randomization in War Games

A 40+-year-old article, recently posted to the Vintage Wargaming blog , has got me thinking about the role of randomization in war games. You should read the posted article - it's only a page long. For those who don't wish to do so, the upshot of it is the idea that war games really need some form of randomization, but that dice are possibly not the best answer. The author provides an alternate form of randomization: a deck (or more) of playing cards, with each player having the same number of standard decks (each card to be drawn in place of a die roll). The idea behind this being that neither player gains an advantage, as each has the same spread of random numbers. Over the course of the entire game, the actual numbers drawn will be the same by each player, therefore no player gains advantage from being a lucky roller. A commenter on that post pointed out - correctly, IMHO - that this is only of limited benefit: players who are good at counting cards would easily be at an a

A Quick Scoreboard Update (and Proof of Life)

Yes, I know the blog's been stagnating - but rest assured I yet draw breath. I moved the family to new digs at the end of last September, and haven't had much opportunity to play since the last post. (Between prepping for the move, then the lack of a nearby game group, there hasn't been much opportunity to play.) However, over the last month, I've managed to get a few games in. Most noteworthy was the most recent Necromunda session, wherein one of my old gangs ("The Roodboyz") handily bested my trio of opponents. Yay! Another win for the board! Unfortunately, the month also included four other gaming sessions: another Necromunda session, and one game each of Strange Aeons , Fear & Faith , and Song of Blades & Heroes . All of which - wait for it! - I not-so-handily lost . Boo! Four more losses for the board! (Gee, I sure do suck at miniatures gaming! But at least I have fun.) So, here's the latest: ..............................................