Thursday, May 6, 2010

House Rules: The Black Market for Strange Aeons

Once again we failed to get any gaming in this past weekend, so I thought I'd share some more of my Strange Aeons house rules. This time, it's an option for the post-game sequence that allows players to use their map pieces, scrolls, etc., to get a few extra Build Points - by selling them on the black market!

The Black Market
During the post-game sequence, at the start of the treasure hunting phase, a team may send one model to the black market instead of using it to search for map pieces, etc. Map pieces, scrolls, and tomes may be sold here for Build Points instead of being translated; artifacts may be sold instead of being assigned to team members. Only one team member may be sent to the black market, and only one item may be sold during any single post-game sequence.
The value of an item on the black market is as follows:
Map Piece1D66+
Unique Tome/Artifact4D62+

These Build Points must be spent immediately to buy weapons or gear, or to add new members to the team. (This is done before the re-equip phase and regardless of whether or not the team is entitled to re-equip.)

Once a player has opted to sell an item on the black market, the transaction must be completed - even if the player is unhappy with the result of the BP Value roll.

(Optional: If the player really does not want to part with the item, he may be allowed to fight the buyer for it. End the black market transaction; once the player's post-game sequence has been completed, he may engage in a "Fight" scenario against an appropriate number of Lurkers (representing the interested buyer and his or her henchmen). If the player's team wins, he may keep the item; otherwise, the buyer has stolen the item and the player gets 0 Build Points for it.)

It's a Risky Business
Selling goods on the black market is frowned upon by Threshold. The agency tries to police the black market on occult paraphernalia through a network of underground spies and informants. There's always a chance when selling occult items that Threshold will get wind of the transaction and take steps to prevent it.

When any team attempts to sell an item on the market, roll a die. If the value is equal to or higher than the "Risk Factor" value of the item, the agent has been caught red-handed. The item is confiscated by Threshold; remove it from the team's roster. Furthermore, the intrusion has frightened off the prospective buyer - the player may not attempt to sell any other items on the black market until after the next game.

If a team is caught selling on the black market three times or more, roll a die: on a 1, the team's character is spirited away by the Threshold agents, never to be seen or heard from again. (Treat this as if the character has died - a new team must be created.)

Contested Goods
If another player wishes to prevent the sale of an item on the black market, he must declare so before the value of the item is rolled for. The transaction is postponed, and as soon as both players have completed their post-game sequences a new game is played. The two players' teams must face each other in a "Fight" scenario; the winner takes possession of the contested item.

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