Friday, July 9, 2010

House Rules: Mi-Go for Strange Aeons

I have a lot of really cool Lovecraftian minis in my collection, and I've taken to expanding the Strange Aeons rules to accommodate as many of them as I can. The first I've attempted to develop profiles for are the very cool Mi-Go (a.k.a. Fungi from Yuggoth) miniatures produced by RAFM:

Mi-go - 6 BP

Weapons: Nippers (CCB +1, Dam. D+1), Lightning gun (+4 BP) or Mist projector (+2 BP)

Special: Humanoid, Hideous

Extraterrene Physiology: The mi-go's alien body is extremely resistant to physical damage. As a result, the mi-go gets a 5+ save to all physical damage.

Hover: This is the same as the nightgaunt's ability of the same name.

Mi-Go Weapons
Lightning gun10"3D+3AP2, Strafe2+
Mist projector8"1D+1Ready, Template2+

. . . . .


  1. I asked my first graders once, "What's a Mi-go?" and the response I got was, "It's Spanish for friend!" True story, haha.

    Any thoughts on stats for a flamethrower? I've got a cool cultist figure with one.

  2. "'It's Spanish for friend!'"

    Brings to mind the unforgettable title of that old CoC/Deadlands crossover adventure: "Adios, A-Mi-Go!" :D

    As for the flamethrower, I haven't come up with stats - because, IIRC, they're already in "Shocking Tales" #1. If you don't have it, it's well worth the price of admission. There's a ton of extra (good) stuff in that supplement - I'd say it's a must-buy for SA fans.