Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scoreboard Update: Another Loss... and a Win!!!

Just a quick update: I never got around to posting about it, but the gang played a couple games of Necromunda a few weeks ago, and I was beaten twice. In the first game, my "Rat Bastards" (a gang of skaven converted with 40K weapons and built using ratskin rules) was trounced by a gang of scavvies. In the second, my brand-spanking-new Goliath gang took it on the chin. Not only was I soundly beaten by the same gang of scavvies, but on checking the status of my injured gangers I discovered that the gang's leader had been killed!

Fortunately, the other players in the group had pity and allowed me to swap serious injury rolls with one of my other injured gangers, so instead of pushing up daisies, Boner (leader of "Boner's Bruisers") lost an eye. (Fitting, since the model for that character is sporting an eye patch.)

So, this past weekend, "One-eyed" Boner (I didn't come up with the epithet - my poor cyclopic gang leader was the source of much amusement amongst my opponents - might have been better off if he'd died) led his bedraggled bunch again into battle in a massive four-way scrum. As usual, we played a custom scenario wherein the four gangs were attempting to secure as many of 12 randomly placed loot counters as possible.

Fortunately, the terrain forced most of the gang on my left flank (the aforementioned scavvies) away from me and toward the gang (of Van Saars) across from my end of the table. Only a third of the scavvy force was approaching my left flank, but were separated from me by a several-inches wide canal of oozing nastiness (that we determined was toxic to lethal levels).

Even more fortunately, the treacherous condition for the game was a swarm of flies, which reduced visibility for shooting to 6" or less and conferred a -1 to all shooting attacks. This meant that the scavvies were little threat, as the terrain prohibited them from from easily approaching me, and their typically abysmal BS scores meant they had little chance of hurting my gang with ranged attacks even if they could get close enough to get a shot off.

All of this meant that my only real threat came from a single flank - for a change. That flank was occupied by my fiancee's vampire gang, who were more than able to make a mess of my poor Goliaths.

Assessing my situation, I secured one of the main access points on my right with my hired guns: a hive scum ("Mr. Wonderful") and a beast-master ("Mistress Melina, the Rat Whisperer") and her "lovelies." My heavy, made virtually useless by the flies, secured the second access point on my right flank. (He spent the entire game on overwatch over that tiny alley way.) The remainder of the gang went as quickly as possible toward the center of the table, where a bridge spanned the toxic river - and where a good number of the loot counters had fallen. Boner took his favorite juves up the near left flank, where he put them through a trial by fire by sending them within range of the scavvy guns to retrieve a single loot counter that lay there. (They all made it back safely, thanks to a typically poor round of scavvy shooting.)

For a few turns, the scavvies beat on the Van Saars, the vampires assailed my hired guns, and I moved the main portion of my gang onto the bridge - and thereby secured more than 50% of the loot counters on the table. (I also took the opportunity to repay the scavvies for taking potshots at my juves, and managed to drop a couple of the pesky blighters with a well-placed frag grenade.)

Once I had said counters secure, I played the third good piece of fortune to befall me that day: a "Genestealer!" event card.

Seeing that the sacvvies and the Van Saars were too busy mangling one another to prevent me from grabbing the loot I'd secured, I chose to play the card on my fiancee's table edge. Much consternation followed!

However, distracted by the nigh-unstoppable xeno, the vampires ceased to be a threat. I swept up all of the counters I could and made my way for the table edge. That same turn, the scavvies bottled from the losses they'd taken at the hands of the Van Saars. Then the Van Saars, similarly maimed, passed their bottle test - but chose to flee anyway, rather than face the rampaging genestealer. Then the vampires bottled, having lost several characters to the beast's claws.

Yeah! The board was mine!

Oops... I was alone on the board with that clawing nightmare! I managed to get off the board with my loot, but not before two gangers fell to the 'stealer. One of these unfortunate souls died in the post-game sequence.

But who cares?! I won!

Not only did I control the board at the end of the game, but I had 7 of the 12 loot counters in my possession. Despite the loss of a ganger, all was good. The other ganger recovered fully, and the only other characters to go out of action were my hired guns. For Boner's Bruisers, everything is happy happy joy joy... at least until the next game!


A Hard Won Thing Scoreboard:

1 win / 2 draws / 11 losses

. . . . .

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  1. Great battle report! Well done for winning. I loved Necromunda. I used to play in the 90s and it was absolutely brilliant. My favourite tea were the spyrers.